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Equine Trainer, Award Winning Photo Illustrator & Photographer

Elizabeth Joy Kimes was born in Portland , Oregon and raised in a rural community outside Washougal, Washington .   Nature flourished around her childhood home with the Washougal River running through her backyard.  She has always been drawn towards the arts, nature and horses; however her passion for photography & horsemanship did not develop until later in life. 

Elizabeth ’s schooling was focused on business with her degree in international economics from the University of Washington .  She continued on for additional education in accounting and human resources, after twelve years working in these fields – her passion for photography started to call.  Several years later she had the desire to focus on a speciality of horses and horsemanship, purchasing her own horse property and began pursuing her dream with horsemanship training including equine massage therapy expanding her company to E-Joy-Life Equine .

A strong family influence of the arts, a childhood surrounded by nature, combined with a high level of skill on computers led Elizabeth to the upcoming media of digital photography.  Living by example of Goethe “All things are possible once you make them so.”, Elizabeth has set her mind to blending time balancing horsemanship and photography as an equine trainer, award winning ranch sorter, photo illustrator and photographer.

Originally inspired by photography of Ansel Adams and paintings of both Claude Monet and Georgia O’Keeffe; Elizabeth combines her photography with graphic design to blend nature with art.  Elizabeth continues to pursue new mediums and subject matter focusing on equine photography, photo illustrations and horsemanship.

E-Joy-Life Equine gives Elizabeth a diversion needed in this world, being able to focus on the intricacies and beauty of life around her.  She hopes to inspire others who share her desire to explore the world of horses and photography.